Tile Flooring Rapid City

Tile Flooring Rapid City


Tile is truly the most versatile and customizable flooring option. Tile has been around for centuries and is continually chosen for its look, wearability, and ability to create beautiful styles. Tile types include ceramic, glass, porcelain, and stone. A mix of tile types and sizes can create a finished product that is custom to you. Furniture Mart’s Flooring Specialists can help design your space using tile to achieve the look you are after, whether it be traditional, contemporary, or something unique. Additional benefits of tile include:

  • Resistance to moisture
  • Tile wears well and lasts for many years when treated correctly
  • Tile can be used for more than flooring; kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and more all benefit from the beauty of tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is often used as a blanket term to describe any type of clay-based tile. However, the makeup of genuine ceramic tiles is distinctive from all other types of tile. Ceramic is composed of clay that fires to a very hard finish and is mixed with different minerals and some water. Before they enter the kiln, glazes are often added to the surface of ceramic tiles to color them.

  • Clay fired to a hard finish, mixed with minerals and water
  •  Glazed before firing to add varied colors and patterns
  •  Ideal For:
    Infinite color and texture options at affordable pricing

Glass Tile

In recent years, glass tiles have become a popular field that has developed visually stunning accent tiles. This trend can be attributed to recent technological breakthroughs, as well glass tiles characteristic of bright, vibrant colors and patterns. This type of tile instantly adds beauty and interest to any project.

  • Serves as visually stunning accent tiles
  • Results in bright, vibrant colors and patterns
  • Adds unique accent to traditional tile
  • Ideal For: o Creating exciting artistic design features

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is a combination primarily of very fine sand and a type of clay similar to that used for ceramic tiles. Whereas ceramic tiles are kiln-fired only at high temperatures, porcelain tiles are exposed not only to a great deal of heat but a great deal of pressure. This makes them denser and generally stronger than ceramic tiles, due to a smaller amount of air space. Ceramic and porcelain tile allow for a vast array of styles, colors and designs both at comparable price points.

  • Combination of fine sand and clay
  • Set by heat and pressure, making it denser and stronger than ceramic tiles
  • Allows for a vast array of styles, colors and design
  • Ideal For:Long-lasting
    High traffic

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is no longer strictly for the outdoors. From living rooms to family rooms, kitchen to baths, natural stone is being used to establish ambience, create stunning underfoot effects and define and separate activity areas.

Natural stone tile is available in almost as many styles as porcelain or ceramic, with polished marble flooring, granite flooring, slate flooring, buffalo stone, limestone or the very popular travertine, and have become the hallmarks of formal interiors. Natural stone, as with any natural product, you can expect imperfections common to the type of flooring you are purchasing. These imperfections only add to the aesthetic appeal and won’t devalue your new floor. If you’ve ever admired the beauty of a stone fireplace, you can begin to appreciate the beauty this type of look can bring to your floor.

  • Establishes rustic ambience and defines separate activity areas
  • Available in many styles including polished marble, granite, slate, buffalo stone, limestone, and travertine
  • Can expect natural imperfections, which adds to the aesthetic appeal
  • Ideal For: kitchen, baths, fireplaces